Recent Cases

Recovered Text Messages – Mayor Kilpatrick – Detroit

City Council lawyer Bill Goodman recovered the previously missing brief on Monday after hiring a forensic computer technician to retrieve it from Stefani’s computer.  Stefani had deleted the document as part of the secret deal, but cooperated with a subpoena from Goodman to retrieve the document.

Nov. 18, 2010

“The jury saw the mother and daughter were very untruthful about what happened here,” said Elias Muawad, Heath’s Bloomfield Hills-based attorney. “The daughter admitted to lying during part of my questions. The mother suddenly had amnesia and could not remember the answers to my questions.”

Muawad pointed to an allegation where the victim said Heath made her view pornography before the alleged sexual encounter. They used Larry Dalman, an East Lansing-based computer forensics expert, to prove that point false, Muawad said.

Michigan Court of Appeals

Data Recovery Case – Photos Below

Cascade twp Fire1

Actual Photo – Obtained from home owner.


Photos of the laptop as it was received by us.



If you go to and enter the service tag, you will see that this was a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop computer.

The laptop was damaged in the house fire shown here. The hard drive shown was removed from the laptop, with a 100% recovery of the data.