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“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both with all my heart, for your kindness, support, as as well as your precious time, you have so graciously given to finding some crucial answers surrounding Trisha’s case. You both truly a godsend, as well as Nancy of course!

Attached please find a letter I would like to share from Trish, which she wrote when she was up at Michigan Tech University, staying up there for the summer as a student/camp counselor for the Ford Motor Company program Leadershape. She worked this program two summers in a row, with such energy and zeal, being the person she always was with any endeavor she would undertake, gave it her all, and then some! Her presence alone made you feel like you were the only one on this planet, always over anxious to help with her warmth and kind heart, and of course her hilarious disposition made everything just that much more special.

As you will see, the letter was written May 13, 1999! Trish was just 19 years old, but it is obvious her maturity, intellect and love shines through as it always did. I had just decided to go back to school and finish my degree, so this letter to me, was and remains,Trisha’s stamp of approval and pride.

Not sure how coincidental, but I found this letter tucked way back in a drawer, two years ago, on Mother’s day. The letter could have been written from Heaven…the years seem inconsequential…the thoughts, words and sentiment, timeless, stored in my heart forever.”

Gratefully yours,

Trisha’s Mom