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Call Detail Records (CDR) Analysis


Cell phone companies maintain databases that capture, and store information related to the usage of each customer’s cellular phone. These databases generate call detail records (CDRs). The CDRs document the network interactions to and from the cell phone, to include the date, time, duration, number called, and calling number. Additionally, the CDRs capture the cell tower (“cell site”) and cell sector which served the cell phone when contact was initiated with the network.


This location information is often used to establish or discredit an alibi.

Showing User Activity on a Call Detail Record

Determining user activity in a distracted driving accident is becoming an increasingly hot topic, both in civil and criminal cases arising from motor vehicle accidents

Compared to a cell phone, call detail records have a limited set of information, which makes them easier for legal counsel to obtain. While the data on a cell phone will tell you more, call detail records can still tell you a great deal of information related to voice calls and text message and data transactions for particular service providers.

How to Get Call Detail Records?

Call detail records can be obtained via subpoena to the wireless phone company.

We can assist you with sample call data record subpoena language.

What we need to do this, is the following 2 items from the cell phone carrier:
Cell site data in MS Excel workbook format (xlsx)
Call Data Records – MS Excel workbook format (xlsx)

Below are sample questions that we can answer from phone records:

  • Was a phone near a location at a particular time?
  • How did a phone move over time?
  • Were two (or more) phones together at a particular time?
  • Where does a phone spend most of its time?
  • Where does the owner of a phone most likely sleep at night?
  • What other numbers does a phone talk to?